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Grimm OffRoad

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by Chris


This guide will walk through the correct installation procedure for the Grimm OffRoad 2015+ F-150 Skid Plate Group.

Consumer Warning

All Grimm OffRoad products must be installed by a competent and qualified individual in accordance with the installation instructions intended for the product. Incorrectly installed products will void any warranties and may result in damage to the product or damage to the vehicle it was installed on. Read any provided instructions or guides and watch any available videos before attempting installation. If there are any questions, please contact Grimm OffRoad before starting installation.

Many products require the vehicle be properly raised and supported off the ground. The installer is responsible for confirming that this may be done in a safe manner and the correct equipment is available to perform the installation. Grimm OffRoad installation instructions assume the installer is able to properly and safely lift the vehicle.

Vehicles that have been modified will not perform the same as a stock vehicle. It is incumbent upon the owner of the vehicle to be aware of the differences the modifications will make to the driving characteristics of the vehicle. These may include (but are not limited to): changes in handling, braking, rollover angle, incompatibilities with the factory anti-lock braking systems, stability control systems, or traction control systems.


  • These instructions are a top level order of the correct installation of the various skid plates available from Grimm OffRoad for the F150. In each step there are links to the individual skid plate instructions.
  1. The Grimm OffRoad Engine Skid Plate should be installed first.
  2. The Grimm OffRoad Transmission Skid Plate should be installed second.
  3. The Grimm OffRoad Transfer Case Skid Plate should be installed third.
  4. The Grimm OffRoad Fuel Tank Skid Plate should be installed last.

Installation is complete!

With any modified vehicle, or any vehicle used offroad, it is a good idea to check bolt torques periodically and visually inspect components regularly.

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